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About Exceptional Restaurant

Boys And Girls Club

 Exceptional Social Hub


We offer the best opportunity for career growth in the industry and exceptional quality of life.

The legacy of our company and its continued success make us the most recognized name in our industry. For years we have made business decisions necessary to ensure our success. The most important decision is hiring the best talent to deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience (ECE).

Mission Statement

Exceptional Restaurant Company's mission is to be a fun, family oriented company whose success comes from taking exceptional care of our guests and our employees. Together We Can Make It Happen!

Core Values

Be the LIGHT for ECE
Be the best you can be!
L - Love (Act from your heart)
I - Integrity (Say what you mean and
     do what you say)
G - Give back (be of service to others)
H - Happiness (make it fun)
T - Team work (All for one and one for all)

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